FECL 04 (March 1992):


Vice-chancellor Fink, supported by a large majority of the HUB's academic council, has decided to take up the fight for what he sees not only as his personal right and honor, but as the right and honor of tens of thousands of former citizens of the GDR, whose crime consists in having continued to live under the regime they were confronted with after the fall of nazism.

The alleged "destasification" of Germany is carried out against a background of political revenge and denial of the most fundamental legal principles of European democracies. Particularly in view of the leading role of Germany within the rising European Union, this attack against civil liberties calls for a vigourous response from other European countries.

The setting up of an independant international committee for fair procedure, composed by renowned legal experts could be an important part of this response.

Heinrich Fink's appeal at the Berlin labour court against his dismissal is scheduled for April 1, 1992 - A good opportunity for such a committee of jurists to begin its work by assuring an international defence in a procedure with the character of a precedent.

If you are personally interested in participating in such a committee or if you wish to propose possible participants, please contact:

Jürgen Holzapfel
European Civic Forum
F-04300 Forcalquier
phone: +33 92 737105 fax: +33 92 737106