FECL 05 (April 1992):


Tens of thousands of people demonstrated for more "tolerance" in Brussels, on March 22. With 150'000 participants (65'000 according to the police) the demonstration was the largest the country has experienced since the peace demonstrations in the eighties.

The march was organized by a large front of associations, action groups and unions, shocked by the result of the parliamentary election of last November, where xenophobic and racist groups had made frightening progress in several regions.

With the mass demonstration the marchers wanted to stand up against racism and social exclusion.

After this big success, the impulse is given to what the organizers call a "new movement". The aim is to set up a long-lasting campaign called "hand in hand '94" in view of the European and local elections.

Patrizia Klinckhamers


Source: Belgian newspapers, 23.3.92