FECL 14 (April 1993):


After our brief note on anti-Mafia cooperation within the EC in FECL No.13 (p.2), we received the following complementary information from Lynne Turnbull, Research Team on Police, Crime & Justice in Europe at the University of Leicester's Centre for the Study of Public Order.

The TREVI-network established an Ad Hoc Group Crime (AHG), at a meeting of justice ministers on 18 September 1992. This initiative was the result of a request by Italy for help following the murders of Judge Falcone and Borsellini (who were investigating the Mafia).

Several meetings have been held since. The personnel of the AHG are TREVI officials (high ranking members of their respective organisations). The AHG is charged with reporting back to Ministers of Justice (and not the TREVI working groups). It is a temporary group at the moment. It has four aims:

  1. To identify the nature and structure of the Mafia and other organised crime groups in the EC.
  2. Assess the threat of organised crime in Europe.
  3. Assess action already taking place in this field.
  4. Set out cooperative mechanisms to enable countries to work together on this.


Source: Police, Crime & Justice, CSPO, University of Leicester, 6, Salisbury Road, Leicester LE1 7QR, UK, Tel:+44/533 523942, Fax:+44/533 523944