FECL 15 (May 1993):



European Commission of Human Rights:


Draft recommendation by the Working Party for the development of proposals for implementing recommendations prepared by the Berlin Conference to prevent uncontrolled migration (Berlin Group); 3rd Session, Bonn, 12/13.1.93 (Doc III/9, english); available at PFE.


Recommendations of the Conference to Prevent Uncontrolled Migration, Budapest, 15/16.2.93 (PE 203.656/Ann.); available at PFE.


Recommendation regarding practices followed by Member States on expulsion, by the Ministers responsible for immigration, meeting in London on 30.11/1.12.92 (10579/92 IMMIG 2); available at PFE.

Chapters: General policy; Restrictions on personal liberty; Documentation; Re-admission agreements; Prosecution of facilitaors of illegal entrants and those who harbour people who have entered or remained unlawfully, and action against those who employ illegal entrants; Confiscation of modes of transport used by those who facilitate illegal entrants; Transit during the course of expulsion; Escorts; Selection, training and equipment of those involved in expulsion; Exchange of information. (with regard to the London Conference, see also FECL No.11, pp.1-3 and p.10).


Ad hoc Group Immigration: Harmonisation of national policies on admission for employment, Draft resolution fro adopting by Immigration Ministers of Member States of the EC meeting inter-governmentally on 30.11./1.12 (London). SN 3611/92 WGI 1165, Brussels, 24.7.92; confidential.

No definitive agreement was reached on this subject in London.