FECL 16 (June 1993):



Oversigt over genomfoerelsen af Palma-rapporten (review of the implementation of the report of Palma); General Secretariat of the European Council, Brussels, 5.11.92, CIRC 3658/4/92, 25 p., in Danish.


Samordning af spoersmål vedrörande narkotika samt CELAD's fremtidige rolle (Harmonisation of goals with regard to narcotics and CELAD's future role); Report by CELAD to the European Council, Brussels, 3.12.92; European Council 10495/1/92 REV 1, CELAD 124, 5 p., in Danish.


Rapport fra Det Europaeiske Udvalg for Narkotikabekaempelse (CELAD) til det Europaeiske Råd (den 11./12. december 1992 i Edinburgh) Report by CELAD to the European Council of Edinburgh, 11/12.12.93), Brussels, 3.12.92; European Council 10589/92, CELAD 126, 31 p., in Danish.


Meeting of Justice and Interior Ministers of the EC Member States; Kolding, denmark, on 6 and 7 May 1993; press release by the Danish Presidency of the EC, 7.5.93, 4 p., in English.


Report of the Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs and resolution on the resurgence of racism and xenophobia in Europe and the danger of right-wing extremist violence, Rapporteur: C. De Piccoli, EP A3-0127/93, 1.4.93. Resolution as adopted by the European Parliament on 21.4.93.

The EP adopted the De Piccoli report after the withdrawal by the rapporteur of his proposal to grant Union citizenship to non-EC nationals legally residing in the EC for more than five years. The parliament however does, among other things, call upon the Council, the Commission and the Member States to grant immigrants legally residing in the EC for five years the right to vote at municipal elections and, moreover, invites Member States to recognise national citizenship to childern of immigrants and refugees born in the countries of the EC.


Den Europeiske Festning? Om politisamarbeidet i EF (The European Fortress? - on police co-operation in the EC), paper by Prof. Thomas Mathiesen, Oslo University, publ. by NEI TIL EF, 3.4.93, ISBN 82-91026-10-6, 32 p., in Norwegian.

This brochure offers a synoptical and critical survey of the history, the mechanisms and the goals of police co-operation in the EC.