FECL 21 (December 1993/January 1994):


The truth about the shoot-out in the East German town of Bad Kleinen, in which the alleged terrorist, Wolfgang Grams died and that led to the resignation of both a Federal Prosecutor General and an Interior Minister, in July (see FECL No.17, p.1-3), is still not established. Contradictory findings of experts and the mysterious disappearance of evidence are unlikely to dispel widespread doubts about the German authorities willingness to lead a thorough investigation.

The most recent incident occurred in Zurich (Switzerland). The jacket of an officer of the German anti-terrorist unit GSG-9 involved in the shoot-out disappeared at the institute of legal medicine of the university of Zurich, where it was examined in context with an expertise aiming at determining who fired the deadly shot against Wolfgang Grams. A representative of the Zurich police was unable to say, when the jacket of GSG-9 officer "Number 6" had disappeared and whether particular safety measures had been taken concerning the various investigation objects from Bad Kleinen.

According to the Zurich experts, the lethal shot was fired from Grams' own gun, but they were unable to say, whether Grams or some one else had pulled the trigger.

Thereby, the most crucial question regarding the shoot-out of Bad Kleinen remains unanswered. Witness reports according to which Grams was executed in cold blood by a police officer have been widely discussed in the German media.



Source: Neue Zücher Zeitung, 24.11.93; own sources.