FECL 35 (June 1995):


The Hungarian Foreign Ministry is anticipating a new surge of refugees in Hungary with the increase of fighting near this country's borders again. "Our most immediate concern is the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia," Andre Erdos, Foreign Ministry deputy secretary of state told the Budapest Sun. "It is bordered on three sides by Bosnia, Serbia and Hungary, so naturally that is where refugees are most likely to come from." Slavonia has been the site of recent fighting, with Croatian forces reclaiming what was till recently Serb-held territory. Hungary has throughout the war received large numbers of refugees, sharing its southern border with both Croatia and Serbia ('rump' Yugoslavia).


Source: 'Hungary Report', 12.6.95, on hrnet.eur-mide; by bruner@ind.eunet.hu. Hrnet.eur-mide is an electronic conference with on human rights in the countries in Europe and the Middle East. E-mail contact: hrcoord@igc.apc.org