FECL 45 (July 1996):


The EURODAC system for recording asylum seekers' fingerprints, EU-Council, General Secretariat, final report prepared by Bossard Consultants/Organotechnica/Team Consult; O/Ref: (EUD2/JPB/I&C), Paris, 11.10.95, 115 p., in English.


Police et réseaux. L'expérience européenne, by Didier Bigo, Presse des Sciences Po, Paris, January 1996, 360 p., in French. This book examines in detail the process of Europeanisation of the police and the policemen. It describes the groups formed by these police officers, the networks they set up, the results of their cooperation and the new type of police and the new concepts of surveillance this cooperation entails.

Available at: Presses des Sciences Po, 44, rue du Four, F-75006 Paris; Tel: +33/1 44393960; Fax: +33/1 45480441.