FECL 46 (August 1996):


The planned organised voluntary repatriation of Bosnian refugees who were granted temporary protection in the Czech Republic began with a first group of 72 people who boarded a plane heading for Sarajevo on 17 July. A second group of 72 people followed four days later. The third group is expected to return to Bosnia in late August, thus bringing the total number of voluntary repatriations to approximately 215 persons. The first group was accompanied by representatives of the Czech Interior Ministry, UNHCR officials and journalists.

By the end of June, the overall number of citizens of Bosnia-Hercegovina who had found temporary protection in the Czech republic was of 1,246. To date, some 400 persons have signed up for the voluntary repatriation process.

Each of the returnees are given 500 German Marks (children 250 DM) and a package with 10 days food and 6 months medicine supplies by the Czech government. The government also allows voluntary returnees to return back to the Czech republic within a period of three months if they find it impossible to live in their country of origin.


Source: Refugee Law Review, Legal Counselling Centre, SOZE, Mostecka 16, CZ-61400 Brno (Czech Republic); Fax: +42/5 45213746.