Contents of FECL No. 11 (December 1992/January 1993):


EUROPEAN HARMONIZATION: London Conference on closer coordination of Immigration and Justice policies within the EC


EUROPEAN HARMONIZATION: The meeting of the twelve Ministers of Immigration


EUROPEAN HARMONIZATION: Euro-squabble on Europol and internal border controls


EUROPEAN HARMONIZATION: The setting up and functioning of Schengen II: report of a French Senatorial Committee


EUROPEAN HARMONIZATION: Greece signs Schengen Agreement


EUROPEAN HARMONIZATION: Germany and Bulgaria to cooperate on return of refused asylum seekers


EUROPEAN HARMONIZATION: EEA: trade unions speak out for migrant workers' rights


BULGARIA: Bulgarian Helsinki Committee on Human Rights in Bulgaria


UNITED KINGDOM: New computerized customs intelligence system


UNITED KINGDOM: Asylum bill and Bosnian refugees


AUSTRIA: No data protection requirements for list brokers?


OPINION: 'Deregulation' of legal and institutional frameworks - a handy tool for shifting power from legislative to executive bodies