Contents of FECL No. 39 (November 1995):


EUROPEAN UNION: Europol's analysis registers to contain data on race, political opinion and sexual behaviour


EUROPEAN UNION: Joint Position on a common definition of the term 'refugee'


EUROPEAN UNION: Justice and Home Affairs Ministers meet in Brussels


EUROPEAN UNION: Schengen: "mobile" controls at internal borders


FRANCE: Hunting a spectre: the French fight against terrorism


FRANCE: Operation Vigipirate: a country under siege


FRANCE: Rivalries and blunders hamper terrorist hunt


FRANCE: Government plans new anti-terrorist legislation


SWEDEN: Algerian allowed to stay despite expulsion order


SWITZERLAND: Germany and Switzerland to match fingerprints of asylum seekers: EURODAC test-run?


SWITZERLAND: Asylum authorities official counterfeited document


SPAIN: Barbed wire between Ceuta and Morocco


OPINION: Long term solutions to the question of immigration