Contents of FECL No. 51 (May/June 1997):


EUROPEAN UNION: Mass arrests at the Amsterdam EU-Summit


EUROPEAN UNION: Asylum/Immigration, fundamental rights, justice and police: an overview of the Amsterdam Treaty


EUROPEAN UNION: JHA Council approves rules on Europol analysis files


EUROPEAN UNION: High Level Group presents 'Action Plan' against organised crime


SCHENGEN: Schengen data protection authority: no phone number, no secretariat, no powers


SCHENGEN: Peruvian professor denied entry to Germany despite Schengen visa


SCHENGEN: Greece joins Schengen


POLAND: Poland seeks EU support in strengthening Eastern border controls


GERMANY: Asylum seeker acquitted in Lübeck arson trial


OPINION: Police operation at Amsterdam Summit: a test run of political policing in the EU?