Contents of FECL No. 52 (December 1997):


EUROPEAN UNION: "Participation in a criminal organisation" soon a crime in all EU-member states?


EUROPEAN UNION: Germany joins Europol... despite strong reservations from judicial magistrates


EUROPEAN UNION: Data security scandal: sensitive SIS-files found at railway station


EUROPEAN UNION: Austria and Italy: full Schengen-members. Greece, still in the waiting room


EUROPEAN UNION: Schengen implementation in the Nordic countries postponed due to computer problems


CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE: Evolving tragedy...European Roma


SWEDEN: Swedish security police accused of political policing: the Leander case


SWEDEN: Deaths in custody: Amnesty International reports on Sweden


THE NETHERLANDS: Mass arrests at Amsterdam EU-Summit unlawful, expert report concludes


CROATIA: Government involvement in organised crime


OPINION: EU Asylum and Immigration policies in Central and Eastern Europe: the 'domino' effect