CONTENTS OF FECL No. 59 (December 1999):


EUROPEAN UNION: EU law-making after Amsterdam: the example of Eurodac


EUROPEAN UNION: Tampere Summit: an exercise in window-dressing


EUROPEAN UNION: Asylum and migration: 'High Level' group country reports


EUROPEAN UNION: EU war on "illegal" migrants in the Mediterranean causes human tragedies


EUROPEAN UNION: Latin EU countries seek new approach to immigration


BULGARIA: New EU-compatible asylum legislation in Bulgaria


BULGARIA: New surveillance equipment for Bulgaria's border police


BULGARIA: Bulgaria no country of emigration


GERMANY: Europol and Interpol bosses at annual conference of the BKA


GERMANY: German foreign intelligence service seeks a role in combatting immigration


GERMANY: 1 Million new Germans under revised citizenship law?


GERMANY: German constitutional court allows telecom interceptions by BND


UNITED KINGDOM: The fight against terrorism: executive and legislative initiatives vs the courts?